Dr. Barnard can be booked to speak about the following topics:

How to transform a company from Fragile to Antifragile?
More with Less
How to achieve more with less in less time in Government and NGOs?
How to make breakthroughs in any field you are passionate about?
Create Value
How to ensure your Technology Product is both Necessary AND sufficient to create value for its users?
Accelerate Growth
What is the Ultimate Constraint to Profitable and Sustainable Growth in your organization?
Decision Making
How to make better faster decisions in a Complex world?

Dr. Alan Barnard is a frequent speaker at industry and technology conferences.

He has presented keynotes and new knowledge presentations at:

World Economic Forum in Kiev
  • Theory of Constraints International Conference: (UK) 2003, (Spain) 2006, (Japan) 2009, (USA) 2010, (USA) 2011, (USA) 2012, (Germany) 2013, (USA) 2014, (RSA) 2015, (USA) 2016.
  • TOC Regional Conferences: (South Africa) 1998, (Columbia) 2009, (Brazil) 2010
  • TOC For Education Conferences: 2007
  • Anylogic International Simulation Conferences: 2015, 2016
  • Intel Accelerate Results Conference: 2016
  • SAP User Conference: (South Africa) 2001, (Germany) 2003
  • SAPICS Conferences: 2002, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
  • InWent International Capacity Building Conference: (Germany), 2007
  • Supply Chain World International Summit: (USA), 2010
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