Dr. Barnard can be booked to speak about the following topics:
  • Antifragile
    How to transform a company from Fragile to Antifragile?
  • More with Less
    How to achieve more with less in less time in Government and NGOs?
  • Breakthroughs
    How to make breakthroughs in any field you are passionate about?
  • Create Value
    How to ensure your Technology Product is both Necessary AND sufficient to create value for its users?
  • Accelerate Growth
    What is the Ultimate Constraint to Profitable and Sustainable Growth in your organization?
  • Decision Making
    How to make better faster decisions in a Complex world?
Speaking Middle

Dr. Alan Barnard is a frequent speaker at industry and technology conferences.

He has presented keynotes and new knowledge presentations at:

  • Theory of Constraints International Conference: (UK) 2003, (Spain) 2006, (Japan) 2009, (USA) 2010, (USA) 2011, (USA) 2012, (Germany) 2013, (USA) 2014, (RSA) 2015, (USA) 2016.
  • TOC Regional Conferences: (South Africa) 1998, (Columbia) 2009, (Brazil) 2010
  • TOC For Education Conferences: 2007
  • Anylogic International Simulation Conferences: 2015, 2016
  • Intel Accelerate Results Conference: 2016
  • SAP User Conference: (South Africa) 2001, (Germany) 2003
  • SAPICS Conferences: 2002, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
  • InWent International Capacity Building Conference: (Germany), 2007
  • Supply Chain World International Summit: (USA), 2010
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