In this PRACTICAL TOC PodCast, Yossi Bonomo interviews Dr. Alan Barnard – one of the leading Theory of Constraints experts in the world – who is very passionate about helping individuals and management teams of organizations identify and unlock their inherent potential. He lives in South Africa but travels around the world working on a number of exciting research projects.

In this PodCast, Dr. Barnard shares the background to his life goal and some of the unique experiences and insights he gained from his research and from working directly with Dr. Eli Goldratt, creator of Theory of Constraints for almost two decades.

PM Point of View

PM Point of View® is a podcast aimed at providing access to informative conversations with leading Project Management experts and executives from around the world. This episode focuses on how organization can (should!) identify ensure they do more of the right projects faster and at lower cost and risk.
From design, to portfolio management, to identifying where the projects may fail the strategy as they generate and collide with organizational constraints, our guests, Charles Black, Steve Butler and Dr. Alan Barnard, all globally recognized PM experts, share their insights and experiences.

What you will learn? We need more than a focus on how to manage a project; we need to think how our organizations can lean in to get the right projects doing the right things faster and at lower cost.

The Ambitious Entrepreneur

Hear from World Leading Decision Scientist Dr Alan Barnard !

Alan, a serial entrepreneur, is the Founder and CEO of Goldratt Research Labs, a company he co-founded in 2008 together with Dr Eli Goldratt, creator of Theory of Constraints. Alan works with both Fortune 500 companies as well as NGO’s and Government Agencies. His clients include Microsoft, Nike, Cisco, SAP, and Intel!

Alan has developed some phenomenal technology to help both individuals and organisations make better, faster decisions. The app has even recently broken into the mental health world, to help vulnerable people stop making that fatal decision, to take their own life.

Come and be inspired! 🎙🌍