How to get more value faster from SAP using Theory of Constraints

Research shows that 70% of all ICT projects such as SAP implementations are not deemed a “great” success. This is despite the fact that the power and coverage of the technology and implementation know-how has grown dramatically. Could Theory of Constraints (TOC) help suppliers and customers unlock the inherent value potential of an ICT project like an SAP implementation? This presentation provides an overview of how a new Theory of Constraints based “ValueERP” process, developed by Dr. Alan Barnard at Goldratt Research Labs over the past decade, has proven effective to unlock more value faster from SAP and other ERP implementations. In 2012, on the initiative of Chris Sims who heads up the SAP Business Transformation Services (BTS) unit for MENA region, SAP MENA formed a research partnership with Goldratt Research Labs to further research and improve this ValueERP process to go beyond just using TOC to implement SAP and/or SAP to implement TOC with SAP MENA clients — one of the fastest growing SAP markets in the world.

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