COVID-19 Recovery Duration and Impact

My research lab is doing a poll to find out what people think will be the duration and impact of a COVID-19 recovery on their PERSONAL and their COMPANY’s income.

COVID-19 Recovery Trends

Please share your views in the comments of what you think the likely shape of the income recovery will be, on both your PERSONAL income and the income of the COMPANY you own or work for.

The options are:
V: Fast and full recovery (to about same as before)
U: Slow but full recovery (to about same as before)
J: Slow but “2x” recovery (to higher than before)
L: Very very slow or no recovery

PS: please share what you think your likely COVID-19 recovery trend will be, not what you hope will happen…

Eg. In comment type in
Company: U
Personal : L
If you think the duration and impact will be the same, just type the letter V, U, L or J.

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