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I am super excited to share a quick demo of how you can now try the newest version of our Hannah’s Shop Supply Chain Simulation Game for FREE directly in your browser. So you can try it on your computer, tablet or even smart phone…

Your Challenge: You have to significantly increase the Net Profit and ROI of either the STORE or DC you have just been appointed to manage for the next year.

To achieve it, you have two big decisions to make.

Firstly, what products do you want your STORE or DC to carry in the upcoming year. You can only select 10 products in 4 categories…so make sure you select the rights ones. And secondly, you have to decide what Inventory Management rule you will be using.

The free version will allow you to simulate two scenarios to see the operational and financial impact of your two decisions.

Scenario One:

In the first scenario, you can experience how the traditional Min-Max rule will perform in a “PERFECT World” where there is no demand or supply lead time variability. That would make it soooo much easier right? How do you think Min-Max would perform in your supply chain? Would you achieve your Net Profit and ROI targets?

Min-Max Rule: a basic reordering mechanism that triggers when stock reaches the “min” level to reach the targeted “max level”

The Min/Max supply chain inventory policy illustrated with the sawtooth wave pattern on historical stock levels.

Scenario 2:

And then, in the second scenario, you can see how Min-Max would perform in a “REAL World” environment where there is variability in both demand and supply lead time. Do you think Min-Max will perform well in such an environment?

And to make it even more interesting, we’ve included a PANDEMIC mode.

Pandemic Mode:

This will cause some products’ demand (like Masks) to go up dramatically, while others, go down dramatically. The total sales for the year should still be the same, but how will this impact the Net Profit and ROI of your STORE or DC?

Pandemic Mode: Demand will dramatically increase or decrease for different products

To accept the challenge, just go to and click on TRY IT NOW in the header or use this link.


I look forward to your feedback.

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