IMPOSSIBLE… to dramatically improve operational performance…UNLESS?


Impossible Unless podcast, episode 4 - operational performance

IT’S IMPOSSIBLE… to dramatically improve operational performance…UNLESS?

In the fourth episode of my “IT’S IMPOSSIBLE … UNLESS?” podcast series, I share the simple but powerful method I use whenever I face the challenge of identifying how to dramatically improve an organization or a person’ performance in the lowest cost, lowest risk way possible.

You can apply it whether you are trying to identify how to achieve dramatic improvements in reducing the lead time, increasing the throughput, reducing the number of quality defects, or reducing the avoidable cost or investment…

The method can help you to both quantify what magnitude of improvement is possible, and what the conditions are, that if these can be put in place, will enable you to achieve this improvement.

Episode 4:

The simple method is especially useful if you
a) do not have much experience in that industry or in that field or
b) you are in a crisis situation like the one we are facing now, and have to find ways to achieve much more, in much less time, and/or with much less resources.

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