Unlocking Your Inherent Potential

YOU have UNLIMITED potential!


No you don’t. None of us do. Whoever told you that… a parent, a coach, a manager, or a mentor… probably did it with the best intentions.

We know that the potential we have as human beings, has real limits. And we also know that telling ourselves or others that we have unlimited potential, can have a BIG downside.

It can cause someone to have unrealistic expectations that, in turn, will result in stress, anxiety, and disharmony when they end up blaming themselves or someone else when they could not live up to the high expectations.

That is the bad news.

But there is also good news.

While we might not have unlimited potential, we all have a huge amount of unrealized potential.

As parents, coaches, managers, business owners and mentors, we have a responsibility to provide, not only those under our care, but also ourselves, with the skills and support needed to unlock this inherent or unrealized potential in all of us.

Doing so can enable us to achieve so much more, and go so much further and faster, than we ever thought possible with the limited resources we have today.

But how do you practically unlock your inherent potential, both in your personal life, and within your organization?

In the interview below, I shared a few of the key insights I’ve gained to help answer this and three other related questions.

    1. What is likely our bottleneck – our scarcest and most precious resource – that is limiting our potential to achieve much more of the goals important to us, to go so much further and so much faster?
    2. Why do resources like this become bottlenecks?
    3. What can we do to better exploit, and not waste, such a bottleneck’s limited potential … before we invest in elevating that limited potential to a higher level.

I would love to hear your views on my insights and also your own insights on these three questions.

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