Alan Mulally and Dr. Alan Barnard

Alan Mulally on Fortune Magazine and Alan Mulally with Dr. Alan Barnard

So cool to meet one of my heroes – Alan Mulally – the legendary former CEO that turned around two of the largest and most iconic companies – Boeing and Ford.,

We talked about how leaders and leadership teams at every level can remain focused … in a world with so much noise, so many distractions and so much fear for being blamed – not just for errors of commission (doing what you shouldn’t) but also for errors of omissions (not doing what you should).

He said it is simple – use the power of ONE.

It is the principle he followed at both Boeing and Ford.

One FORD = One Goal + One Plan + One Team.

…and then do weekly Business Plan Reviews (BPR’s) to share which parts of the plan is in the red, yellow or green and how to transform the reds to yellows and yellows to green.

Alan Mulally said it is the weekly BPR’s that is so critical to maintain the FOCUS and get the FAST FEEDBACK organizations need to succeed…in an ocean of noise and distractions.

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