Decision Making in an Uncertain World – Ragne Sinikas

"Dominate the Decade" decision making interview with Dr. Barnard

For those that missed my interview with Ragne Sinikas about for her Online Talk series titled “How to Dominate the Decade”, I am including the link to the video here.

The topic was “Decision Making in an Uncertain World. How Apps can help us make better faster decisions when it really matters?

These are the questions she asked me:
1. Alan, you are one of the leading “Theory of Constraints” experts and decision scientists in the world. Can you explain how these two are connected – what is the link between bottlenecks and decision making?

2. You mentioned that your research labs focuses on identifying the most common decision mistakes we make in our personal lives and in business. Can you share what the main decision mistakes are and why we make these?

3. I know your research labs also develop apps to help people make better faster decisions when it really matters. How can an app help someone make a better decision?

4. Can we use any of these APPS to help us make the difficult decisions many of us are facing because of the CoronaVirus now?

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