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Why Maximizing Asset Utilization is Enemy #1 of Productivity & Profitability

AME Virtual Forum on Productivity and Profitability

I am sharing the video of my keynote to the Asset Management Ecosystem (AME) Forum earlier this week, the title of my keynote was quite provocative: “Why Maximizing Asset Utilization is Enemy #1 of Productivity & Profitability.”

Most leadership teams believe that to improve productivity and/or profitability of their organization, their business unit, their government agency or department, they should strive to achieve maximum utilization of the assets and resources they are responsible for.

Unfortunately, this strategy is guaranteed to achieve the opposite outcome. It will harm both productivity and “profitability”.

In this keynote, I shared the evidence for my claim from both the theoretical perspective and from the practical perspective sharing actual results from both the private and public sectors.

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