Join the TOCICO Annual Virtual Conference!

TOCICO Annual Conference Speakers List


In about 40min, I will participate in the “Meet the Speakers” event for the annual Theory of Constraints TOCICO Annual Virtual Conference where I will be presenting one of the keynotes titled “Crucial Lessons from the COVID Pandemic: The mistakes that were made, and how to best recover and avoid these in the future”

Attendees to this free “Meet the Speaker” session today can hear directly from all the speakers what key messages they will share in their talks and also what the key take-aways will be for attendees.

For those who were not aware of this conference and/or have not yet decided whether to attend…
… this is a great opportunity to not just meet the speakers but also get an idea of the incredible new knowledge and case studies that will be presented in the conference by organizations like McDonalds, Boeing, Tata etc. who will share how organizations can use Theory of Constraints to capitalize on the post-COVID 19 recovery and also how best to protect themselves from similar negative stress events in the future.

To register for the free event, just visit and click on the yellow button next to “MEET THE SPEAKERS”

Don’t miss the opportunity to join!

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If you’d like to see some of my presentations check out this COVID-19 Recovery tactics Presentation from and few weeks ago and be sure to subscribe to my Youtube Channel so you don’t miss any new releases in the coming weeks.