Remembering Dr. Eli Goldratt

Remembering my mentor, Dr. Eli Goldratt

Dr. Alan Barnard and Dr. Eli Goldratt - Remembering Dr. Goldratt

On the 11th June 2011, my mentor and friend for almost 20 years, Dr. Eli Goldratt, sadly passed away.

He was without doubt, the person that had the biggest impact on my life.

Today I reflected on the many many late discussions we had …and especially on our first meeting.

During this meeting, Eli shared with me a simple, but profound insight.

“A LIFE GOAL is simply a dream taken seriously”.

It takes courage to have dreams.

But unfortunately, most give up on their dreams as they get older, and even those that don’t, seldom fully commit to take their dream seriously …
… to constantly ensure the decisions they are making, even the people they are with, are taking them closer, and not further away from this dream…

In the video below, recorded at a tribute get-together at the Goldratt House in Israel a few years ago, I shared how our discussion that followed, helped me define my life goal, and the key insights I gained along the journey.

Do you have a life goal?

If you are not sure, it could help you define or clarify your life goal by asking yourself two questions:

1. What is my dream?
… What do I want to contribute to leave a better world behind?

2. How can I start taking this dream really seriously?

… Is what I am currently doing, and the people I surround myself with, really helping me realize my dream? If not, how can you change it…

Watch my “Insights from Eli” here

I built my company Goldratt Research Labs at the request of Dr. Goldratt, if you’d like to see some of the work we’ve done to further his work check out the evolution of the ProConCloud Method from Eli’s work.





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