Why do we sometimes make really BAD Decisions?

Intelligent Millionaire Network Webinar Series: Why we all sometimes make really bad decisions ... and how to Avoid it?

I was recently invited by the founders of the IMN Business Club London, Richard and Nina Peutherer, to share my research and insights why we sometime make really bad decisions¬† and other questions you might have been curious about….

1 .Why is Failure MUCH more common than Success?

2. What are the avoidable decision mistakes we make (in our personal lives and at work), that makes “failure” almost unavoidable?

3. Is there is simple process we can follow to reduce or even prevent these decision mistakes?

The video of my keynote to the IMN Business Club in London has just been uploaded and is now available for viewing for those interested in the above questions.

The video also includes the interesting results of 3 polls I conducted during my talk.

If you would like to see more of my webinar content then be sure to check out my Keynote presentation for AME, and my COVID Recovery presentation for the TOCICO Panel. And don’t forget to keep an eye out for more of my content from the TOCICO Annual Virtual Conference!


Please reach out to me on social media, I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback on the research and insights shared…






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